Paul Rudd Grab’s Eva Mendes’ Boobs; Rosario Dawson Grabs Paul Rudd’s Crotch (video)

Since they happen so quickly before the Oscars, the Independent Spirit Awards don’t usually get a ton of press. And so we will just bring you the weird-light (yeah, I can’t quite call it a highlight) of the awards ceremony. As Paul Rudd and Eva Mendes were presenting an award, Eva was about to read the winner’s name when Rosario Dawson jumped on stage and grabbed Paul’s crotch. Grabbed and squeezed.
Which led Paul, once she left, to reach over and grab Eva’s boob. Yes, really—this happened.
What do you think—was this totally out of line or all in good fun?
And sorry it took us so long to bring you this news. (Is it news?) We all got a little caught up in Oscar fever.

Watch the video below!